About Us

osman-ugurFounded in 1996, our company’s continued upward trend in the past years, on kitchen and bathroom accessories imported bythe world-famous brands in their product range has been serving our valued customers.

1200 m² closed area, our company provides sales and marketing services, the nation came from the place where to go higher awareness of the derivation of quality materials and high quality products to its customers always strives to providethe best quality and new products.

20th year of experience and experience brought by our company is always at the forefront of the industry as a continuouscustomer satisfaction, according to the conditions brought by the age structure, satisfying the goals of technology andconstantly evolving product choice has been in more effort to pull upwards.

The interest of our company and our corporate staff, and sacrifices of their business sector, where we also show the customers the same way at the time, and time is always necessary to serve them, to bring solutions to the problems andaims to produce alternatives.

Nice 20 Years, hoping to be with the health, wish you success and happiness.

Best regards…

Osman UĞUR
General Manager